Congratulations on your new personal mask purchase! We appreciate your support in purchasing a high quality, American made product. Not only are you helping us all to stay #SaferTogether, but you are keeping skilled individuals employed through these difficult times. 

We wanted to walk you through the multiple options you have in using the ribbon ties on your mask after you have washed it upon receiving it: 

  • You can use a Cord Lock to create a quick and easily adjustable way to wear your mask. 
 Lay your mask flat on a table, face down:
Take the two ribbons along the top edge of the mask, depress the cord lock so there is a hole showing in the middle, and thread the two ribbons through the hole. Make sure to thread 4-5 inches through:
Tie the two ribbons in a knot
Take the bottom two ribbons, pinch them together, and feed them through the cord lock, as you did with the top ribbons.
Tie the two ribbons in a knot.
Place the mask over your head, fit the nose piece to the contour of your nose. Push in the cord lock latch, and pull on the knots to get a snug fit on your face.
You can then push in the cord lock latch, and pull on the knot controlling the top ribbons, or the bottom ribbons, and adjust as necessary. This will give you the best fit around your face, and provide the best protection.

  • You can tie the ribbons into ear loops similar to how elastic would have been used on the mask. 
        1. Lay your mask face down on a table. 
        2. Take the ribbons on the left side of the mask and tie them into a loose knot. 
        3. Take the ribbons on the right side of the mask and tie them into a loose knot. 
        4. Bring the mask up onto your face and fit the nose wire over the bridge of your nose. This is important as it effects the size of the loops you crate with the ribbons. 
        5. Place the ribbon loops around each of your ears, and adjust the size of the loops till you get a comfortable and snug fit. 
        6. Pull the knots tight. 
          • If you only want to use the mask with loops, you can cut off the excess ribbon coming from the knot and quickly run the end of the grosgrain fabric over a small flame (candle/lighter) to seal up the end so it doesn't fray. You can also tie off the excess ribbon allowing you to change the masks use if needed.

      • You can tie the ribbons around the back of your head each time you want to use the mask. 

      As you can see from the various ways the ribbon can be used, and custom sized to fit specific face and head sizes, we went with these options instead of elastic or a no-sew solution. We hope this helps you to get the best use out of your personal face mask and please let us know if you have any questions or issues with your mask. 

      Written by Collegiate Regalia — May 27, 2020



      a suggestion for future orders maybe offer different size options as my mask is extremely large for a smaller female face. However the quality is exceptional.

      October 12 2020 at 11:10 PM

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