The Lion trophy is the highest honor Delta Kappa Epsilon can bestow on a Chapter. The trophy is a Tiffany Silver loving cup, made in 1895 as a gift to the last living founder of DKE, William Boyd Jacobs. It was donated back to the fraternity by his daughter upon his death in 1905. Since 1955 it has been used as the award for the fraternity's best chapter. As there is only one Lion Trophy the trophy does quite a bit of traveling.

To ensure the safety of the trophy in transit it was being bubble wrapped and then placed into a hard case and filled with packing peanuts. This was a process that had to be done over and over as the trophy traveled around North America.

DKE came to Collegiate Regalia looking for a custom shipping case that would help to make the transit of the Lion Trophy easier without losing the safety of the packaging. We were able to take a hard shipping case and customize the interior to fit the trophy and base. Using five levels of foam core we were able to keep the handles of the trophy safe without them moving vertically in the case when shipped. DKE and their Lion Trophy now have a shipping case that will provide the shipping safety without needing to package it in bubble wrap and packing peanuts for years to come.

Written by Collegiate Regalia — June 23, 2014

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